The Role of the Professional Real Estate Management. Interview with Mr. Vassil Shukerov

05 Feb 2014 : 19:01
Anyone who has ever had an access to the real estate market and business has an idea of the differences in the services offered just a several years ago and those offered today. And these developments are mainly due to the change in the attitude and thinking of both the providers of such services and those who benefit from them. Moreover, this development has led to the expansion and enrichment of the range of services offered by the real estate service providers.One of these services is the professional management of real estate, which aims to facilitate the owners, the tenants as well as the whole process of letting and renting itself. And although the professional management is still at the beginning of its development in Bulgaria, it shows significant sustainability and good prospects that will turn it into a pillar for the Bulgarian real estate market.
One of the most active and fast growing agencies in Sofia, PRIME ESTATES, aims to introduce changes, new standards in real estate management and to enable its clients to meet a loyal and responsible partner to entrust their property.
PRIME ESTATES offers a very useful tool for any property owner who has decided to make their lives easier. Relying on the large team of professionals in the company, PRIME ESTATES offers its partners and clients comprehensive residential property management.

To find out more about the whole process and the real work, we consulted with the Manager and owner of Prime Estates - Vasil Shukerov:

Q. Mr. Shukerov, why did you choose real estate management unlike many other entrepreneurs and businessmen who chose to build buildings to sell afterwards or do real estate agencies?
A. Having worked in the field of real estate for a long time and actively participating in the development of this business, I realized I had the potential to contribute to the real estate market in Sofia and Bulgaria should I find an alternative, different application of my skills and abilities. I already had my own real estate agency and during the workflow I was able to capture the missing services that my team could offer to the clients. So, in 2003, I created PRIME ESTATES and redirected this new property management business to a single unit so that the service per se would be complete and self-sufficient when offering it to the customers.

Q. Would you elaborate on what PRIME ESTATES actually is?
A, PRIME ESTATES offers the property owners the opportunity to cater to all the needs of their property - property valuation, finding a suitable tenant, maintaining the property, advertising in our partner's editions as well as PRIME ESTATES 'online publications, assisting with the signing of professionally drafted lease agreements whilst protecting the interests of both parties. An important part of the new service includes also tracking the payment of the utility bills, representing the owner before various state and municipal authorities and institutions, as well as representing the homeowner at the general assembly of property owners in the building, before the utility providers, partners and subcontractors in connection with the maintenance of the property. When it comes to property owners, we always strive to consult them professionally so that they can make their choices prepared and informed, whether it is for sale or rent or should they have another need and concernes when it comes to their property.

Q. How do you see the development of PRIME ESTATES in the future and what would be the place of the property management in general?
A. My team and I have achieved a lot . We got into a certain rhythm of work, which is very important for a complete working environment. Now I think it's time to look for new ideas and implement those that are worthwhile. Overseas property management is an integral part of the business and has a great potential to be further developed and to become an immanent part of Bulgaria’s real estate business life.