Interior lighting in the kitchen

25 May 2015 : 03:44
Lighting is of existential importance if you want your home to be unique. It all depends on the right approach and choice of luminaires. And it is conditioned by the style in which the furnishing of the premises is executed. When we talk about interiors, most of us associate it with furniture, decoration, wall murals and curtains, but not always with one of its most important elements - lighting.For the lighting in the kitchen, it is especially important to see well to avoid accidents - there is a particularly strong need for light. In addition to general lighting, which can be ceiling lights or spotlights, it is a good idea to incorporate halogen (low-voltage) or fluorescent lighting in the top row of cabinets, because both types do not produce much heat and are suitable for incorporation of products and food, so the better option is to put fluorescent with warmer light close to the living room. Some companies offer halogen spotlights suspended above the top row of cabinets - they are suitable if they do not cast a shadow on the desktop. Very nice light comes from the built-in lamps in the upper cabinets (fluorescent or halogen to keep them cooler) when the doors are not dense but with a frosted glass on a wooden or aluminum frame. Of course, this light can only be a complement to the wall, especially if we eat in the kitchen.