Property Management

Bigger benefits. Higher security. More spare time.
The Professional Property Management is a relatively new service, which is, however, turning into a trend in the Western world & real estate market. The reason why more and more home owners opt for this service is the ration between Efficiency, Time and Outcome.

How it works?
The core idea of the Professional Property Management is making property owners’ life more secured and less burdened. You will need no more to worry how to find a new tenant, whether he/she will pay the rent due on time or if all monthly bills have been properly managed and paid.
It will be our job to ensure all that, and it will be our responsibility to guarantee your property is perfectly maintained.

Once we sign a contract with the landlord, Prime Estates takes all responsibilities as per taking care of the property, including: ensuring the monthly rental has been paid on time, all utility bills (electricity, water, internet etc.) are covered, maintenance of the property, support when a renovation would be needed. Also, we will be responsible for representing you on the condominium assembly of the owners and informing you for each decision taken.
We take care of your property as if it is ours. That is why we carefully calculate the annual inflation rate and adapt your rental price accordingly. And to bring you even more convenience and comfort, we can help with the payment of the taxes and the cess via wiring the amounts due.
To ensure our Property Manage Services come at the best price for you/ reasonable price, we have decided to limit it do just 10% of your monthly rental income. And this amount is due only for the period your property has a tenant. In the meantime, when your property is under renovation or just has not yet its new tenant, you would be free of charge for our services (ads and promoption of the property etc.).
Once we find a tenant, we will provide with all the respective support needed such as documentation, rental contract per se etc.