Garden hammocks - the secret of the your garden

18 May 2015 : 04:09
There's no better place to have your morning coffee or afternoon cold drink, right?
Spring and summer are the favorite seasons of people living in homes with backyards. And without any doubt, staying in the garden is most enjoyable during the warm months of the year. Summer is the perfect time to relax outside without worrying about getting cold.

Garden hammocks are available in various styles such as Adirondack, Western and Nantucket. Various materials are used to make them. The most commonly used material is wood with fabric or knit ropes.

Bedroom in marine colors, why not?

12 May 2015 : 19:24
As the summer approaches, long and enjoyable vacations, and the holiday season, we begin to imagine the beach, sunshine and soft sea breeze - all dream of it, right? Unfortunately, until then, there are at least two more months in which we offer you to bring the aroma and freshness of the sea to your home with few accessories and suitable colors.