The Role of the Professional Real Estate Management. Interview with Mr. Vassil Shukerov

05 Feb 2014 : 19:01
Anyone who has ever had an access to the real estate market and business has an idea of the differences in the services offered just a several years ago and those offered today. And these developments are mainly due to the change in the attitude and thinking of both the providers of such services and those who benefit from them. Moreover, this development has led to the expansion and enrichment of the range of services offered by the real estate service providers.

The Game of Light

29 May 2015 : 04:09
The game of light and playing with the shadows in your home can truly make miracles with the interior. What is more, correctly combining different luminaires can be even stronger than the effect of the furniture itself.
Dining Room Lighting: Here for general lighting the most appropriate is the so-called “pendant” - a chandelier with variable height. The best height of such a lamp, centrally placed above the table, is 160 cm from the floor, so that it does not shine in the eyes or interfere with our compatriots. A smart trick here would be having the ability to vary with the power of light - a dimer (rheostat) will help reduce it at and bring the feeling of a romantic candlelight dinner or bring back the “day” in late night. If the table is not in a permanent place - it moves, stretches, and it is difficult to determine its center over which to place the chandelier, we can use indirect lighting with halogen bulbs directed to the ceiling.

If the ceiling is white, it is advisable to keep the bulb 80 cm below it so that it does not make a dark spot. Especially for interiors where you change the place of the table, you can use the famous standing lamp "Arco" by Akile Castiglioni. When in the dining room we have cabinets for utensils, workshops, etc., it is good to choose ones with frosted windows and hidden lighting in them. Very often, in a single-family house, the living room and dining room are in a common room – in these cases it would be the proper and well-chosen lighting system that will help you “decorate” the spaces and “bring more space”.